About Natbatnat

This little space was born out of my penchant for cooking and sharing, especially dessert & baked goods – whether as a sweet ending to an unforgettable meal, a celebratory showstopper or just a special treat for loved ones.

Recipes. The very first was for chocolate fudge brownies which I had finally perfected from scratch, back in secondary school. Numerous recipe requests later, I started to jot them down. Now, they can be found scribbled (mostly) in my planner, sometimes on random scraps of paper and once, even on the back of a paper box.

With little bits and pieces of my food journal scattered around out there in cyberspace (from blogspot, livejournal, tumblr and now, wordpress) I hope this space will finally become a compilation of all my adventures in the kitchen & inspire others to don that apron and start baking!

Warning: I have an incredibly huge sweet tooth. A weakness for desserts. Anyone else who reads the menu from back to front? “No thanks, I’m full” usually means: I’m saving space for desserts later, thank you.


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