I was inspired to continue where I had left off, albeit rather abruptly, after requests from friends to revive this space. One which was fast becoming obscured by virtual dust and cobwebs that exist in cyberspace. In fact, one of my closest friends had recently dug up an old post of mine and texted ‘NAT MAKE THIS FOR ME’ at midnight, complete with a screenshot of my experimental pumpkin tortellini. 

The last time I had written a post was slightly more than a year go. Blame it on work, inertia, writer’s block, or simply because I haven’t got any time. To be honest, the ease of Instagram/twitter made blogging seem like a hassle. Occasionally, an email notification would pop into my inbox telling me that a reader had favourited, commented or started to follow this humble blog documenting my kitchen adventures and the occasional disaster. Little encouragement like these go a long way and I really want to continue doing what I truly love. Food, photography and writing (yes, and eating of course)

Recipes scribbled onto post-it notes and nestled in pages of my planner are waiting to be documented. Not forgetting my perpetually-hungry and eager taste tasters. So here’s to a new start on this space and plenty more good times to come!