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A slow, leisurely brunch on weekend is just the perfect foil to a hectic week. No manic rush to get ready, no endless traffic jams, no stress. As much as I love exploring local cafes and restaurants offering all-day breakfast (which seems to be the most popular thing, since the ubiquitous molten lava cake), DIY is twice as fun. Well, maybe not. But here is a confession: I am addicted to the new season of Masterchef US. Inspired and ravenous, I woke up bright and early.. .which actually means 10.30 am… to cook brunch for the family whilst still in my PJs. Creamy scrambled eggs atop home-made waffles, smoked salmon and a side of salad. Woah, it wasn’t easy. Washed and prep-ed my salad, then whisked together the waffle batter. Had 2 pans in the wet kitchen and the waffle iron at the island going all at once. Thank goodness for the dishwasher!

The highlight of the day was definitely the scrambled eggs. Creamy, sexy and oh-so-luscious. Not overly cloying or buttery. Simply seasoned with a little sea sat + freshly cracked black pepper. I borrowed tips/techniques from everywhere: gordon ramsey, bill granger, nigel slater, etc. Oh, and i used milk, a cardinal sin in the culinary world. But really, who wants to eat a pound butter AND heavy cream first thing in the morning? Nope, I didn’t want to send my family straight to obesity/heart disease zone so here’s how I made brunch. 

To make Le Sexy Scrambled Eggs,
crack 2 whole eggs and whisk it very very well. Add a splash of milk. Whisk some more, don’t be lazy. In a hot pan, drop in a pat of butter and watch it melt/sizzle. Pour the eggs in and turn off the flame. Swirl the egg around. Keep folding the barely cooked egg into the liquid parts. It should start to look all custardy, fluffy and creamy, and starting to set. Slide the scrambled eggs onto a plate immediately (the heat from the pan will continue to cook it = sad, dry and rubbery eggs) Season with salt and pepper. Or a little chopped chives.

To prep the smoked salmon,
slice the smoked salmon pieces. Drizzle over fresh lemon juice, black pepper and herbs (dried thyme, basil, oregano and dill) Let it rest for 20min in the fridge before serving.