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Breakfast is definitely the meal I cannot go without, no matter how late I eventually crawl out from underneath the covers. Hooray for all-day breakfast!! Since the semester has began, (with that comes the mad rush to get to uni on time) my to-go breakfast has been granola + yogurt and a cup of coffee. As much as pre-packaged cereals (my fav has got to be the Sweet Home Farm granola) are convenient and so darn tasty, nothing beats an organic home-made batch with only the things you love!

Easy, I promise this is possibly the simplest recipe here. Organic rolled oats, sunflower seed kernels, macadamias, walnuts and sesame are measured out. Combine some organic molasses cane sugar, maple syrup, olive oil, honey and a little water over the stove until it becomes smooth. Mix in a generous tablespoon each of pure vanilla and cinnamon, with a pinch of sea salt. Stir everything together to coat the oats and nuts evenly. Spread evenly on a baking pan and baked at 160C til they all turn golden brown, crunchy and delicious (: Finally, toss in the organic raisins and dried cranberries. I like have mine with yogurt and sliced bananas on top, enjoy!